5 Things to do Instead of Waiting for His Call/Text

We’ve all been there. 😩 You go out, meet a cute guy. You give him your number when he asks for it, and he says “I’ll call you later.” WTF IS LATER??!!!! Is it a few hours from now? Is it the next day…..

A week goes by, and Mr. Right still hasn’t hit your line. Surely he’ll call…….right? The truth is, there is no way to answer that question, but what you should not be doing, is waiting for your future ex-husband to call. Here’s a list of better things to do instead of waiting for a flippin’ phone call:

1. Do your make-up.

Get in front of the mirror and make magic! It takes me FOREVER to do my make-up, and before I know it, hours have gone by, and my mind was completely occupied. 💄💋

2. Work on a business plan.

Chances are, if you have time to wait anxiously for a phone call, you also have time to make money. 💴 💵 Look into ways to bring in more income. The goal is to be booked and busy, not bored and desperate!!

3. Work Out.

Get in the gym. Nothing relieves stress better than a good run on the treadmill. You might also meet another cutie while you’re in there. 😉

4. Read a Book

I have a pretty good book called “Why Men Love B*tches”. It is so entertaining, and it’s a clear reminder that being a doormat is 👏🏾not👏🏾cute👏🏾….Read something that will make you feel good, and you’ll probably forget that you were waiting for a phone call.

5. Go Out.

Chances are likely that he may not call, but WHO CARES?! Go out, meet more people, and enjoy the single life while you can! Whatever you do, do NOT sit by the phone and let life pass you by!

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