7 Online Businesses to Start Today

In today’s society, one form of income is not always enough. Between student loans, mortgage payments, car payments, childcare costs…..weekly paychecks can be gone just as fast as they’re deposited into your bank account!

Here are 7 online businesses that you can start today with little to no financial investment:

1. Blogging

While I’m new to blogging, I have made several great connections within the blogging community. Not only can blogging be therapeutic, but it can also be a lucrative career! Some of the world’s top bloggers are earning $40k per month! I want to be in that number lol….

2. Affiliate Marketing

Get paid to sell items for businesses…have a large following on social media? If so, affiliate marketing can be very profitable. Not only will you make tons of money by posting ads on your social media sites, you also get to work with large companies to further expand your network.

3. E-commerce Store

Create an online store. If you’re good at crafts, why not sell them online? create a store and begin selling within an hour!

4. Write E-books

Write…stories…DIYs…listicles…just write! Post your books online and let the cash roll in.

5. Create and sell courses

Share your knowledge with the world! Are you an expert user of Microsoft Project? Have you mastered the credit repair process and want to teach others? Do you want to share information regarding the stock market? Whatever it is….put it in course format, and make it available to the world for purchase! You could literally make money in your sleep!!

6. Travel Consultant

Everyone wants to travel! Get paid to connect travelers with amazing travel deals. As a plus, you could also be rewarded with free trips.

7. Social Media Account Manager

This may be my favorite! Manage social media accounts for businesses. Respond to questions and forward any complaints to the proper department contact. This is a win-win if you are already on social media all day.

Cheers to a prosperous 2019!!!!

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