Facebook Shut Down

Well well well!!!! Social media was in a frenzy today! 😂😂😂 Facebook and Instagram were down for the majority of the day. I’ll admit, I thought my phone was off because sometimes I forget to pay my bill, so I turned my phone off, then back on again….still nothing.

No memes….no witty comments….no likes on posts…LAWWWDDDD!!!

Seriously though, I double checked to make sure my phone was on, and then I got to work. I use messenger to talk to my friends, but other than that, I stayed off for the day. It did feel a little weird to not have the world at my fingertips for a portion of the day, but all in all, I felt peaceful.

I wasn’t online looking at lovey-dovey couples pictures, wasn’t online trying to decode posts to figure out who people were really talking about, wasn’t looking for any “shade”…..instead, I was WORKING. Making money….afterwards, I had a meeting, and by then, Facebook was back in business.

And guess what?! Soon as I opened my app….I saw the shadiness…the drama…the fakers…and the bullies. It’s EXHAUSTING. At this point in my life, I couldn’t care less what another person is doing. I’m working on ME!! I am focused on becoming a better mother, sister, daughter, and friend.

So, thanks for the involuntary break, Facebook! I think you guys may be on to something! 🤔

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