Hot Mama, with Ugly Credit

I used to be that girl. In shape, beautiful smile, perfect hair…I was HOT STUFF! But my credit was shot! I couldn’t get a bottle of water on credit LOL! I believe my score was around 550 when I actually started to take notice. No one ever taught me about credit. At the same time, the people around me also had bad credit, so it was never discussed. It was almost taboo to discuss credit.

After I was declined for my first mortgage, I realized how much work needed to be done on my credit score. I had already moved out of the house that I was renting, and I was banking on getting the house within a month. That didn’t happen, and I was devastated. I decided that day that I would fix my credit, and that’s exactly what I did. I went from a score of around 550, to 702 in five months!!

How did I do it? HARD WORK! Constant communication. Emails. Phone calls. I gave 110% to my goal. Credit repair is tedious work, and that’s why so many people turn to credit repair agencies to do the work. I tried it, and I lost several hundred dollars. I’m not saying that all credit repair agencies don’t work, because I’m sure some of them might be successful. However, it’s a gamble. It’s not guaranteed that everything will be removed from your credit. Some derogatory items are better of settled with a “pay for delete” option. I’m sure that’s not the answer that most people want, but it’s the reality.

Take the time to dispute and negotiate the derogatory items on your report. Because I put in so much work on my credit score, I now guard it with my life. It’s hard to be a boss with bad credit! Let’s get to fixing!

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