How I saved $8,000 in ONE MONTH!

$8000??!!! 8 grand??!!! 8 stacks??! 😳😳

Yep, you read it correctly. I saved up $8,000 in 30 days! I honestly still can’t believe it! So, if you’re in the market for a house, and want to know how I did it, continue reading.

At the beginning of May, I decided to look for a home for the kids and myself. The three of us have really grown to like Louisiana, so I decided to buy. I first completed my pre-qualification application and submitted my paperwork to see what price range I’d be in.

Once approved, the search began. First house didn’t work out. Second house was perfect, but it wasn’t in a good school district. The third house was THE ONE! 4 bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms, 2 car garage, fenced in backyard, open concept 🙌🏾 YES PLEASE!!

I was ready to make an offer, despite the fact that I only had $1,000 saved up 😂 (I’m a risk taker.)

So, after my offer was made and accepted, I started freaking out!! How was I going to come up with $8,000 by the first week of June?! 😰 It was time to get to work!

First, I cancelled all of my monthly subscriptions. I REALLY didn’t want to, but I was wasting a few hundred dollars a month on subscriptions that I didn’t need.

Second, I sold some stuff that was just sitting around the house. A few of the kids clothes that were too small, a camera, and a sewing machine were among the things that I listed for sale. It was also nice to clear out some of the clutter in this townhouse.

Third, I offered my professional resume writing and career coaching, as well as credit repair services to people. I advertised online, and people responded and asked for help. It was an amazing way to make money, and I’m actually planning to ramp up and really put my energy into growing my brand.

The last thing I did: 🗣 STOPPED EATING OUT! I absolutely couldn’t spare the $45 for dinner and drinks at Saltgrass, and it’s been killing me! I did sneak out one time to eat, but it wasn’t with my own money LOL!! Outside of that, I cooked. The kids and I ate at home. It is really time consuming to cook every day, but it saves money. I was able to deposit my work checks for the month towards my savings too, aside from monthly bills.

And there you have it! On May 31st, I went to pick up my down payment for my house! It has been a LOOOONNNGGGG month! I have cried, laughed, been upset…you name it. Now, we’re at the finish line, awaiting the “clear to close”. That’s another story altogether!! So, the race isn’t over yet, and if by chance something happened and we didn’t get the house, the majority of the money would go back to savings, and we’d have a nice vacation with the rest 😂😂

Hopefully, we’ll get that clear to close on Thursday, and I’ll become a homeowner again on Friday! Fingers crossed!! 😊

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