Trust the Process

In the past few weeks, a saying has been in my heart, and I feel like I need to share it tonight. I was feeling a little down, and decided to read a little, but I can’t recall who wrote it. Anyways, here goes:

Make peace with the things that don’t go your way. You never know what God could be saving you from.

I was online reading, and once I came across that quote, every single thing that I’ve been questioning was answered in that moment. 🙌🏾

Have you ever wanted a job at a particular company sooooooo bad, but your application is always rejected, or you bombed the interview?! Imagine your surprise when months later, you find out the company is going out of business.

Have you ever wanted to date a particular person, and expressed your feeling to them, only to not have those romantic feelings returned? Imagine your surprise when you see them on the front of the newspaper for a domestic violence charge.

Now, those are examples, but a lot of our worries can be relieved by just TRUSTING THE PROCESS. Trust that all that is good is for you, and all that is bad will flee from you.

There have been so many times that I wanted something for myself, and it didn’t work how I wanted. I actually fell into depression after I had my daughter. I wanted so badly to have a “complete” family. I held on to toxic relationships in hope that they would one day turn around. All for that picture perfect image.

In reality, I had been miserable for a long time. It wasn’t until I lost everything (material) that I realized that I had everything that I need, and anything extra is a bonus. Once my outlook changed, my life changed. The blessings appeared out of thin air. Confirmations through strangers and even friends and family, that I’m on the right track. It has been an amazing transformation! 💕

Once I accepted the fact that everything that is meant for me, will be mine, I was able to walk in that light. I trust God. I have a complete family right now. I get tired, stressed, and sick, just like anyone else, but I remain constant in believing that if I continue to speak blessings over my family, we will continue to thrive.

I dare you to trust the process. Believe that where you are in life right now is exactly where you need to be. Be happy with that. Find the blessing in it, and watch…..those blessings will multiply.

Just wanted to share my thoughts tonight! Sweet dreams!! ❤️

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