You are your circle…

You’ve probably heard the saying “You become the 5 people that you spend The most time with”, right?

It’s pretty common business and personal development rhetoric and it basically means that we will become the people we spend the most time with.

🗣And it’s TRUE.

Back when I hung out with a bunch of people who loved to party and get into trouble, guess what I did? I partied. I didn’t get into trouble, but the messiness was overwhelming.

(SIDENOTE: Some of them are still doing that stuff today, too)

But,when I started hanging around business minded, motivated people, I’m sure you can tell what happened then. I’ve become so focused on starting my own business and creating multiple streams of income. 🙌🏾

See, the challenge is that most of us have picked our relationships based on proximity rather than purpose. Simply put, these are the people we grew up with, lived in our neighborhood, went to high school or college with, and many times these relationships aren’t even intentional, right?

I mean, you lean over to borrow a pencil in math class and next thing you know, you’re best buds, having sleepovers and talking about your first kiss. Completely unintentional.

However, how different do you think your life would be if you intentionally selected your relationships based on your dreams, goals, and ambitions instead?

What if rather than gossiping – about people at work, about other friends, who slept with who, who’s knocked up, and how unfair life is, you hung around people who were busy talking about the projects they’re working on, the wins they’ve had, and their excitement for the future?

It can truly be life-changing. Last year, I moved to Louisiana for a new job. I had no friends here. No family nearby. It was rough, but I’m the type of person who doesn’t feel weird doing things by myself. I went to different functions, and then I finally joined the Project Management Institute in New Orleans.

I applied for a volunteer role, and ironically, I was selected to serve as the VP of Membership! How awesome is that?! But the first day that all of the board members were announced, I noticed that I was the only person who didn’t have a certification. 😰 yikes!

Since joining, I’ve signed up to test for my project management certification, I’ve received a new job, and I feel more focused than ever to make my personal and professional dreams come true.

In other words, since we know that relationships often happen purely by proximity…

…I have found ways to put myself in the proximity of people who have what I wantso that I can attract relationships that help me move forward.

And because of that, my goals, dreams, and ambitions aren’t beat up and torn apart by skeptical friends and family members…

CHOOSE your relationships, my friend.

And be okay with letting go of ones that don’t serve you.

P.S. Keala Kanea was a huge motivation for this post. I received an email from her this morning discussing this, and I was compelled to write about it. 💕🌸🌺💐

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