You Can Thank Me Later – 3 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating

How many times have you had a project and waited until the day before the deadline to start? How many times have you rushed to write a research paper hours before the due date? How many times do you say “I’ll get it later”, but later never comes? I don’t think anyone realizes the stress of procrastination until the habit is broken.

In my college days, I remember writing essays in my car and going to the library to type them within the hour before the class started! I was the worst! I was always stressed, always rushing to get things done, and always late. Deep down, I believe that I liked the “race against the clock”, but it caused much more harm than good. There are so many reason to stop procrastination, but I’ll give you 5:

1. Reduce Stress

Procrastination causes so much stress and anxiety! Reduce your frustration by completing your tasks ahead of time. For example, if you know that you will be rushing to get yourself and your kids ready for school on time every morning, set clothes aside for every day of the week. You will eliminate the morning rush by having everything prepared each morning when you arise.

2. Better Quality of Work

When you procrastinate on projects, your work is rushed, and often times, sloppy. Give yourself time to review and make changes if necessary.

3. More Time to Enjoy Life

This is a no-brainer. We all love to stop and smell the roses, but how much can you really enjoy yourself when there are a dozen projects lingering in the back of your mind? Finish your work, then take a break.

Procrastination isn’t new. All of us have been guilty of it. Do yourself a huge favor by taking the initiative to get a head start on your daily routine and your projects. Let’s go!

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